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Can I use my pet insurance policy?

Many pet insurance companies cover behaviour consultations that are referred by your veterinary surgeon to an ASAB Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist or a Clinical Animal Behaviourist who is registered with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council. Please check your individual policy for details but as a guide the following companies normally partially or wholly cover fees: Pet Plan, Pinnacle, M&S, AXA, John Lewis, Kennel Club, Sainsbury's and Pet Protect. In all cases you should check the details of your own policy.

Companion Animal Behaviour Referrals is not registered to receive direct payments from any of the insurance companies. Once you have received confirmation that your insurance company will assist with the cost of a clinical behaviour consultation, you will be required to pay Companion Animal Behaviour Referrals the full consultation fee. However, following your consultation, if you hand or forward your insurance claim form to your clinician, they will complete it and return it to you with a receipt for your payment, so that you may make the insurance claim.

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