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Referring Your Client to Companion Animal Behaviour Referrals

Thank you for considering referring your client to Companion Animal Behaviour Referrals. Studies at university based clinical behaviour units suggest that 20% of behaviour cases (and up to 70% when aggression is involved) have an underlying medical component that initiated or that is maintaining the behaviour problem. Consequently, it is important that every animal receives a thorough medical check-up prior to a behaviour referral. Although medical treatment may alleviate associated behavioural signs, in many cases learning concurrent to pain or discomfort will maintain the behaviour problem post alleviation or control of a medical condition, resulting in a need for behavioural referral post medical diagnosis and treatment.

If you would like to make an immediate referral for a behaviour problem, after examining your patient, please complete a referral form and send it directly to Companion Animal Behaviour Referrals. We will then contact your client to make an appointment for them.

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