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Help For Dogs and their Owners

If you are looking at this page for help, you already have your dog's emotional welfare needs at heart.

Current Dog Owners:

If you have recognised that your dog's behaviour has changed or is causing difficulties for you or your family, you are also recognising that your dog is experiencing problems in some areas of its life - this recognition makes you a good advocate for your dog's welfare.

Prospective Dog Owners:

If you are looking at this page because you are considering enriching your life by sharing it with a dog, you have already realised that 'enrichment' needs to work both ways - both your welfare and that of your dog, should be enhanced by your mutual relationship.

The variety of canine welfare issues that a clinical behaviourist can assist with include:

  • First time dog ownership

  • Finding the right dog to enjoy sharing my home

  • Helping my puppy or dog to develop resilience

  • Aggression towards people (family or strangers);

  • Aggression towards other dogs;

  • Multi pet household problems;

  • Problems post traumatic events (such as after a bereavement or household tragedy e.g. a burglary)

  • Separation problems

  • Anxiety or fear problems

  • Attention seeking behaviours;

  • House soiling problems;

  • Car and travel problems;

  • Sound sensitivities;

  • Inadequate socialisation;

  • Repetitive behaviours

  • Problems associated with old age

Please, take a look at the services that we offer to support prospective, new and experienced owners and their companion dogs.

As behaviour change is often initiated by ill-health, pain or discomfort, the first priority on identifying that your dog has a behaviour change or problem, is to ensure that your vet has thoroughly examined your dog to rule out health problems. Once the involvement of ill-health or pain has been ruled out and/or treated, your vet can refer your dog to a clinical behaviourist for a behaviour consultation.

Would you like your vet to refer your dog to the clinic? Please download and complete a case history questionnaire and ask your vet to complete the referral form (please see ‘For Referring Vets’). Once these are completed and forwarded to the clinic, please phone the clinic for an appointment.

For dogs displaying signs of aggression 

First Aid Advice for Owners Of Dogs That Display Signs Of Aggression

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Canine Clinical Behaviour Consultation

Following referral from a veterinary surgeon, the clinical behaviour consultation usually takes between 2 - 3 hours; the consultation is followed by a report that summarises your dog's behavioural motivation and the rehabilitation plan that you have created with the clinician. The fee also includes a telephone or virtual follow-up call (up to 1 hour) approximately 14 days after your initial consultation:


Follow-up sessions - Virtual

If, after your initial follow-up session, you would like further support as you work through your behavioural modification plan, follow-up is priced per 30 minutes or part thereof:
£30.00 per 30 mins

Home Visits/Visit Charges

If a visit to the clinic with your dog, or a virtual consultation, is impossible, you may wish to request a home visit. Home visits incur the following extra charges:
Minimum visit charge (covering a 20-mile radius from the clinic that includes visits to Llanelli, Swansea, Port Talbot, Carmarthen, Llandeilo):

For distances further than a 20-mile radius from the clinic, a further charge will be added:
£50.00 plus 60p per mile (return journey) from SA14 8JW


Are you thinking of getting a Puppy? Have you just introduced a new puppy into your home? Are you about to give a 'forever' home to an adult dog? We can offer support at any stage in your relationship with your dog.

There are very few relationships that are as enriching as that between a human and a dog. However, unnecessary challenges can crop up in the human-dog relationship if:

  • Families have inadvertently selected a puppy or adult dog that is emotionally or temperamentally unsuitable for their family situation

  • Families have inadvertently offered a home to a puppy or adult dog that, through lack of appropriate preparation or through previous, inappropriate experiences, already finds the world to be a challenging and frightening place


In both of these situations, both family and dog can experience considerable welfare problems that prevent the development of a fulfilling mutual relationship.

Companion Animal Behaviour Referrals can offer advice to prospective puppy/dog owners and to those who have recently offered a home to a puppy or adult dog, helping to support the family and dog to settle into a mutually beneficial and fulfilling relationship.


An approximately 1-hour session (virtual or at the clinic) that is individual to your family. During the session we will consider the type of dog that is most emotionally suitable for your family's needs, how to go about finding a suitable puppy breeder and how to handle the early days as your puppy settles into its new home, to ensure that the puppy gets the best start in developing its emotional and behavioural welfare:


An approximately 2 hour consultation (virtual or at the clinic) during which the following are discussed - ongoing concerns of the family regarding their puppy's behaviour and behavioural development, aspects that affect the behavioural and emotional development of the puppy, specific advice regarding current concerns and guidance regarding the continuing healthy behavioural development of the pup:




An approximately 1-hour session (virtual or at the clinic) that is individual to your family. During the session we will consider the type of dog that is most emotionally suitable for your family's needs, the type of problems that adopted dogs may experience on joining a new home and how to handle the early days as your dog settles into its new environment, to help to ensure that your home will offer the adopted dog a permanent place of emotional support and safety:



An approximately 2 hour consultation (virtual or at the clinic) during which the following are discussed - ongoing concerns of the family regarding the dog's behaviour and how to minimise common problems that may occur with adopted dogs with the aim of maximising the welfare and safety of both the adopted dog and the adopting family, unknown people and other animals that the dog may encounter£150.00


Do you:

  • Feel that your dog doesn't always respond to your requests for co-operation?

  • Often feel anxious about how your dog responds when he is on or off a lead during walks?

  • Worry that your dog may jump up to greet people that he meets during walks?

  • Have concerns about how your dog will cope with a house-move or change in family circumstances?

We can help with these and many more types of dog training issue - but the advantage of one to one training sessions is that every session is tailored specifically to the individual needs of you and your dog.

Ideally, training is intended to teach an animal a new skill. If your dog has already developed a behaviour problem, training sessions may not be sufficient to resolve the problem (please take a look at behaviour consultations).

The very best time to start training your dog is as soon as it joins your family - so contact us as soon as you know you are getting a puppy.

Once a dog is a juvenile, it will already have discovered techniques that help it to cope with tricky situations e.g. barking, lunging and pulling on the lead. Although training will teach your dog alternative responses, in certain circumstances, your dog may choose to adopt its previous behaviour as more appropriate to its needs at that time. Hence, your dog's behavioural motivation in such circumstances may need to be modified with the help of a behaviour consultation.

Training sessions are arranged via a virtual medium. This means that you are not wasting your time in travelling, you aren't distracted by the behaviour of other dogs and other owners and it allows you to review the session as frequently as you like. Follow-up sessions aim to be relatively short (approximately 30 minutes) so that you are not overwhelmed by information and, by videoing your progress between sessions, your trainer can review your progress and give advice on your technique.

6  /  1:1 TRAINING 

An initial virtual, approximately 2-hour, session discussing ongoing training problems and developing a training plan to support the family in overcoming their training problem with their dog:

Follow-up sessions - virtual
if, after your initial training session, you would like further support as you work through your training plan, follow-up is priced per half hour or part thereof:
£30.00 per half hour



How do I arrange for behavioural or training support for my dog?

Just contact Pat, our office manager. Pat will answer your queries and book you in for the support package that is best suited for you and your dog's needs.

There is a deposit on booking an appointment: you will be charged when you make a booking and, later, this deposit will be deducted from the total cost of your support session. The deposit charge for all services is:

Two weeks prior to your appointment (or if you make first contact with us within two weeks of your appointment), the rest of your fee will be due.

If you have an emergency that requires you to re-arrange the appointment date, the £30.00 deposit will be retained to cover the cost to Companion Animal Behaviour Referrals of the empty session.


If cancellation occurs within two weeks of the appointment and you have already paid your entire fee, the rest of your fee will be transferred to an alternative date (or, if you wish, refunded). In the unlikely event that Companion Animal Behaviour Referrals have to cancel your appointment, your entire fee will be transferred to an alternative date (or, should you prefer, it will be returned to you).

Let's Work Together

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