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In order to reduce the risk of future injury or damage to people, animals, property or the dog itself:

- avoid punishing the dog, eye contact and unexpected or intimidating actions - these may trigger or increase aggression

- muzzle the dog when taking him out of the home (see below)

- prevent the dog from coming into contact with anyone/anything that may be the recipient of aggression
avoid situations in which aggression has previously been witnessed, e.g. if the dog is aggressive to other dogs at the park, take him elsewhere or, if aggressive while off the lead, keep him on the lead

- if such situations are unavoidable, the dog must be muzzled and under the control of a responsible adult
remove objects that the dog may try to guard, e.g. toys and food bowls

- ensure that borders to the property are secure to prevent the dog escaping

- when the dog is unsupervised or not tethered, do not allow people or animals into the area - lock any doors or gates to prevent access

- if the dog is aggressive to other pets in the home, use a child gate to keep them apart. If this leads to frustration, place the dog in a separate room

1. If the above are not feasible, consider putting the dog into boarding kennels.

2. Alternatively, if the aggression is only aimed towards the owner, a pet-sitter or other known person could look after the dog in their own home.

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