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If sensitively introduced, your dog will enjoy wearing a muzzle, while you will be seen to be doing your best to prioritise the safety of others


Training your dog to accept a muzzle - ONLY USE A BASKERVILE STYLE

1. Ensure that the muzzle is the correct size for the dog.

2. Allow the dog to sniff the muzzle and give them some treats.

3. While the dog is relaxing, stroke them with the muzzle.

4. Leave the muzzle near the food bowl while they are eating.

5. Put some treats in the muzzle for them to retrieve.

6. Put the muzzle on the dog, leaving it undone, and give them a treat. Gradually, increase the length of time the muzzle stays in place whilst giving treats through the gaps in the muzzle. Only reward the dog when they have been calm and still.

7. When this is accepted, try to fasten the muzzle while giving the dog a treat.

8. Gradually increase the length of time that the muzzle worn whilst giving treats.

9. Start taking the dog for short walks whilst wearing the muzzle. To begin with, go to areas which will not cause excitement or confrontation. Give praise for remaining calm whilst wearing the muzzle.

10. Continue using the muzzle whenever you take the dog out. Ensure that the dog has many enjoyable experiences while wearing the muzzle so that they do not associate it with any unpleasant experiences that may occur.

11. The following link may be useful:

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