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The Animal Welfare Act 2006 brought with it a responsibility for owners to maintain the emotional and behavioural welfare of their pets, and for veterinary surgeons to assist pet owners in identifying pets whose emotional welfare may be depleted and to advise them accordingly.
Illness and discomfort are major predisposing factors to behavioural change and it is essential that any animal referred for a behaviour consultation receives a thorough medical check before referral. As owners frequently forget to mention aspects of their pet’s medical history that may have formed a predisposing or initiating factor to their pet’s behaviour problem, it is essential that a referral is accompanied by a full medical history. 
To save time between referral and appointment, case history questionnaires and referral forms may be printed and completed prior to contacting the clinic.

If a referral involves any form of aggression, please print a ‘First Aid Advice for Aggressive Pets’ sheet and give it to your client so that they are not put a further risk while waiting to see a clinician. If the pet is a dog, please print and issue an advice sheet for introducing the dog to a muzzle.

Please download the required form and return with the correct payment.

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Referral Forms


Claire HargraveBSc(Hons), MSc,
PGCE, C Sci, C Chem, MRSC,
Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist
and Member of the Association of
Pet Behaviour Counsellors
Companion Animal Behaviour Referrals
Erw Wastad, Llwyn-teg, Llannon, Llanelli, SA14 8JW 
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